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I love what I do. With 5+ years as a full-stack developer, I've honed my skills to become a well-rounded developer capable of delivering scalable solutions. Whether you're an individual looking for some help on a project, a small company seeking to solve an issue or someone looking to establish an online presence - one thing they all have in common is that you need a competent developer that will deliver. What you'll get if you work with me: ⭐Clear communication ⭐Scaleable Solution ⭐Best Practices ⭐Concise Recommendations Technical Frameworks/Languages ✅C# .NET(MVC, Blazor) ✅Javascript ✅React ✅Vue ✅Docker ✅CSS ✅HTML Technical Specialties ✅Agile Principles ✅SOLID, OOP ✅Dependancy Injection ✅Microservices ✅CI/CD Familiar Products ✅Confulence, JIRA ✅Azure DevOps ✅AWS ✅GIT ✅JetBrains Rider IDE ✅Visual Studio ✅Visual Studio Code ✅GitKraken ✅Resharper, DotMemory, DotTrace

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