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Plenty of experience in design, product development, and strategy development. As a Frontend/UX/UI specialist, I have 15+ years of experience. Understanding and meeting my client's expectations and deadlines and keeping things running smoothly is what I enjoy doing. Combining the mindset of a designer and a developer. I have done remote work for web projects, for start-ups and companies in the US, Germany, Spain, and other countries, with Agile process and continuous delivery. Before finishing my studies I had the opportunity to work in website design, and it ignited my interest in software and interactivity. Also co-founded a software company with great developers early on in my career, and that was a great learning experience. Also an AgTech company (Sisacorp), with a SAAS solution that includes a mobile app and a web app, from the idea to the commercialization. Let me share my approach to you and add value to your project.

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