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Website Design, PHP Developer, HTML Developer

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I am software Developer with 6+ years experience in web development and software development for businesses of all sizes. You can hire me for backend(PHP/API) and full-stack projects. I am available to work alone or as part of a team, depending on the size of projects. Typical projects I work on: Website Design Website Development Graphics Design Teaching Programming (Tutorials) Mobile Money payment Integrations. International Payment Integrations API (Application Programming Interface Development) web service development (APIs) third party API integrations (i.e. payment service providers, carrier services, etc.) bespoke websites and content management solutions (CMS) eCommerce projects Technologies I use: PHP NodeJs ExpressJs Python Flask MySQL (and other databases) JavaScript Ajax JQuery JSON POSTMAN HTML / CSS cloud services (i.e. AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean) Depending on project size and specification, pricing can be based on day rates, hourly rates or fixed.

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