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Hey there, I'm Nicole! I’m an editor and writer who is passionate about self-development work and content. Give me a journal, an Eckhart Tolle book, and some coffee, and I’m a grateful soul. I love words and the power they have to express emotions, communicate ideas, connect people, and change lives. My mission is to help people who use words in these ways. Are you an author, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, business owner, or all of the above? I see you, I learn from you, and I’d love to work with you. I can help you communicate your ideas in your books, eBooks, blog posts, articles, magazines, website copy, marketing materials, emails, social media posts, essays, and transcribed podcasts and speeches. I can help when you need a second set of eyes to look over your writing—I'll step in and professionally edit and proofread your writing. Let's get started!

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