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I’m obsessed with learning and experiencing new things, and I do well in new situations. My career is in production information and master data management, but I have worked since college to broaden my horizons in terms of both business and life. I am an ex-collegiate athlete who didn’t find his artsy and creative side until much later in life than most. It was in my last year of college as a business technology major when I started writing and focusing on my musical aspirations. Beyond my career, I have experience as a business feature writer and news reporter. I have written on sports and, of course, news that covered the arts, business, politics, and small-city news, as well as some other genres here and there. I also have a variety of writing experience thanks to owning a digital agency where I handled all site content, web design, client relationships, and more. Here’s to hoping we’re a good fit for each other! I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

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