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Hi! I've worked as a customer service representative for one of the biggest Healthcare company in the U.S. before I decided to be an online professional. I am a results-oriented, knowledgeable, honest and a very reliable person. I am willing to be trained but I can be depended on to have a few ideas up my sleeve when and where needed. I come to the job with a professional, no-nonsense attitude and the assurance that I can deliver. The jobs most suited for my skills are in the fields of research and data entry, virtual/personal assistant, admin support, email marketing, and customer service. With experience using software and tools such as Canva, Mailshake, Snov.io, Hunter.io, Apollo.io, G-Suite, Slack, Trello, Kustomer, Airbnb, Calendly, Zendesk, Open to Close, TC Workflow, Dotloop, Command, HAR/MLS, Backagent, Docusign, Docusign Room, and many more. Let me be your trusted and reliable partner in business.

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