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Looking for Long term Associations Only. āœŖ Certifications& Qualifications āœŖ šŸ‘‰ Certified Accountant with over 10 years of experience with US clients. šŸ‘‰ IRS certified TAX PREPARER šŸ‘‰ MBA, Finance, 2 years of experience with Accenture Business Consulting. šŸ‘‰ Functional Consultant for some of the popular SAAS apps. āœŖ Compliance services āœŖ šŸ‘‰ Filing of 1120/1120S/1040/965 & various other types of returns. šŸ‘‰ Preparing and processing payrolls - 940/941/1099s/W-2s etc šŸ‘‰ Sales tax compliance for all the states and practical advice on sales tax for E-commerce sellers. PS: āœ… WARRANTY ON ALL WORK āœ… 24x7 AVAILABLE BY ā˜Ž/āœ‰ āœ… 100% Transparent billing with time tracking apps using screenshots āœ… I am a part of a team that works remotely. āœ… Consulting services are charged differently

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